About Us:

Our mission is to host a summer community event every August emphasizing on the outdoors and the sport of fly fishing around Heber Valley and the great state of Utah. This event is FREE to the public courtesy of our sponsors. Anglers & Outdoor enthusiasts of all levels are encouraged to attend this one-day event so they may learn new techniques and fine-tune their skills via free classes, clinics and demonstrations offered throughout the day by local industry experts. 

At the end of each event, we donate a portion of the profits to one or more non-profit corporations within Utah to be used for education, conservation, and/or recreation opportunities. It’s our way of promoting the outdoors to the next generation year-round.



August, 2020





Make Friends!

"Everyone has such a busy summer. But, one thing we can all count on is that in August we get to see all of our fishing and hunting buddies in one place, at the Heber Outdoor Festival."

— Captain Winkler, The Brighton Anglers